Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sometimes you do what you gotta do...

lately i've been having this itch to go shopping,
but i have to spend my $ wisely and prioritize the little $ i have.
i'm about to go to florida for my
soon-to-be sister-in-law's bachelorette
and i have no summer clothes.
.... . . . .
ok, it's not like i have NONE
but i would like to have something

so not too long ago, my unbelievably sweet friend
went to nebraska, to her family home,
and brought me back a bunch of her mom's old fabrics
they're all in great condition and in fun colors.
(i don't really ever wear color, but i've been wanting to, so this is great!)
the bag holding most of the fabrics- there's more... but i've already cut them up! ;)

the timing couldn't be more perfect!
she quickly told me about the fabrics and "donated" them to the
"annie art fund"
<3 thank you kathy zimmer! <3

SO! Here is the first thing I've made with her lovely gift
and definitely something i'll bring with me to the warm weather

disclamer: i am not, i say, i am NOT ever in front of the camera-
i'm much more used to, and more comfortable being behind the scenes.
this was so strange for me- i really don't know how people do this- but needless to say,
it's like pulling off a band-aid,
right? right.
please, disregard my awkwardness, and look at the pretty tee instead, thanks ;)

here it goes....

i am obviously NOT looking at the camera,
or capable of not laughing at this ridiculous idea of me "modeling". 
i can't help but just be silly- very sorry.
also, apologies for the messy room--- i probably should've cleaned up a little.
i'll know for next time :)

my face cut off, but a better view of the tee- here i cut out the background so there's no distractions
(and i'm less embarrassed ;P)
great thing about this photo you can see the pretty rib-
the fabric is blush colored and it's a poly/ cotton blend

god, i'm awkward. haha. oh well! i promise i'll try harder next time :)

anyhow- i'll probably eventually post some "how to's" since this pattern is

i'm making more for this trip- which hopefully i can post as i wear them.

the necklace i'm wearing here is something i just kind of whipped up before the picture.
it's a long brass chain i added a clasp to with some fancy sparkly buttons
(i'm not usually so "flashy" but the tee seemed lonely without something fun)

the ring is by my old roommate, fellow floridian turned new yorker, and amazing designer, 
-it was a gift for me b/c she knows elephants are my favorite :)

it was a fun night
a little uncomfortable, but fun none-the-less

yay for handmade!

*special thanks to lana chun for taking these photos even though i had the forever-giggles*
<3 <3 <3


  1. I'm OBSESSED with this! Teach me how to seeeewww!!!

    PS. You are the worlds cutest model! Get over it! xoxo

  2. It looks great! I'm sure Aunt Donna would be happy to know that you made something from her old fabric. And you look cute in the pictures!

  3. Annie, you are impossibly adorable and so is that shirt. I'm so glad you could make something so gorgeous out of that material, and I hope we'll see you in front of the camera more often! xo KZ

  4. Amazing Annie!! And you're so cute I can't stand it. :)