Tuesday, March 6, 2012


i explained why this blog is called
a rich day for you and me

well, here it is quickly again:
RICH: my brother's name
DAE: my dad's name
EUMMI (pronounced, you-me): my mom's name

family means a ton..
a TON to me..
and a rich day for you and me can
also mean really so many other things..
especially if you're a broke girl in the city of STUFF

all that makes my life "rich" is packed into this blog
(well kind of... u know what i'm trying to say....!)
all my projects and inspirations
my family

so here's a little message to my brother,
(who so kicks ass in almost every single way possible)
who's name is THE main word in the title of this journal that contains all my dreams and creations;
and who makes my life rich every day:

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