Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the wonderful & talented, mama lim

being at home was a great little break.
i wasn't at home very long since i was in key west for the bachelorette party
(photos soon to come- i made a little top for st. patty's day! :D)

but when i was home it was awesome to be back in the house i spent most of my childhood in.

outside of my mom's incredible cooking
my favorite thing to be surrounded by in florida is my mom's beautiful

i wish i could make a gallery of all her oil paintings.
here's a little bit of what we have hung around the house:

there are two of these, one big one for the house, and one small one that's for me.
just gotta find a way to get it over to nyc!
my mom and dad sit at that bench sometimes on the way to the beach :]

a full wall of her paintings!

more on that same wall


another wall filled with more paintings- there's the bigger version of my small one! :D
i love that croissant and coffee one- wish i had one of those right now!

this guy is huge! my mom even built the frame for it.
she's one crafty lady. 

a tropical couch for a florida home

i love this one- it's a little lonely, but so serene.
beaches are the best!

my mom's work space!
look how cute her hat is sitting on the fan.

she's one amazing mom...

i miss her already


  1. I'm not sure what I love more... mama Lim's paintings or your LOVE for mama Lim! <3 <3

  2. I love your mom's paintings! Mama's cooking and being home... a wonderful time for sure!