Friday, March 9, 2012

miss apple

when i was in middle school
my dad bought me my first cd.
i was torn
there was a sea of shiny plastic cases and somewhere in there was going to be
the one.

i had backstreet boys in one hand
and fiona apple in the other...

well, needless to say i picked fiona apple

i owe her for all the late nights finishing up projects
painting till my eyes crossed
sewing till my little fingers were numb

all her music makes me lost in my own little world. 

i love her.

(yeah, sometimes the mood is just right)

she's coming out with a new album
(finally :))

The Idler Wheel
apparently we'll be seeing it in june.


by the way

my first cassette tape:

and i just listened to it yesterday...

p.s. worked on the coloring book all night!
gonna "test it" out this weekend...


t g i f !

1 comment:

  1. My dad bought me my first cassette tape and player when I was in middle school. I also listened to that Fiona cd quite a bit, but I think I was in college! Isn't it fun to go back and hear the music that surrounded you when you were younger? It always brings back memories for me!