Thursday, March 22, 2012

press kit research. this is hard.

so karen and i are preparing for the launch of the new twinko website!
YAY! coming soon!!!

in prepping for that,
we're starting to design press kits to pass out to
press, blogs, and stores
so we can get some WHOLESALE orders
and make our little dreams come true :)

*dear friends, most likely to make all these guys, karen and i will have a "mini craft party" aka "free twinko help party" very soon ;) free up your schedules!*

my original idea was pretty simple but at the end while i was sketching it out, just didn't seem right.

so i went online on a mission!
now i'm exhausted!

here's some of what i came across:
nice simple packaging that fits a lot.

nice hand crafted feel

karen and i love scalloped edges and windows on packaging :)

wow! you get so much! maybe this is good inspiration for a gift set!!

i'd be so happy to get this little guy!!! maybe our press kit comes with a special gift and a tiny booklet

fun and interactive! we like that at twinko!

cute :)

i'd love to put a miniature plush somewhere....

this one is great! so pretty and simple- easy to carry, but lots to look at... this is a winner!

haha- ok, this is only on here because i thought if twinko had our version of this- it would be mighty cute!!!

cute box, fonts, and lots of fun stuff inside!
gifts are def a must!

cute play on words- and i like how small it is. everyone should have one of these--
this sized box could probably fit a cute little informational booklet and some twinko candy!
i was falling asleep researching, then i saw this little guy.
haha, made me laugh out loud!!!
i love kittens

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