Thursday, March 1, 2012


this beautiful little girl is my god daughter,

she's MUCH bigger now, but i love this photo because i bought her that strawberry bathing suit :)

cammie's mom and i have been the closest of friends forever
practically grew up right next to each other,
passed ENDLESS notes in class to each other,
learned the ins and outs of the neighborhood with each other,
and now she has a little girl,
and my heart is filled with so much warmth when i hear from them.

one of my goals in the next couple of weeks is to make cammie a coloring book.
my valentines day card from them, cammie drew a little inside, and i thought how awesome it would be to see her drawing in something i made her.

i'm also hoping that this gives me some good ideas for a twinko coloring book which karen and i have been talking about forever now.

my research:

the twinko characters would look cute in a book illustrated like this


maybe a little too young for this, but i love monsters + weird creatures lookin' cute like this!
it would make a cute gift for someone who's not a toddler ;)

a cute "how to"

MINIATURE hello kitty coloring book!!!
of course there's no way i couldn't mention these little guys
cat crayons!!!
i love!

hopefully i can come up with something and have it ready before i see her in a couple of weeks
i'll be florida bound soon to go to my brother's fiance's bachelorette
and to see my parents.

lucky for me aneta will be visiting her mom in florida too!
(she'll be coming from TN)
she'll be bringing cammie with her!
i haven't seen them in FOREVER!
it's going to be the best!

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