Sunday, April 29, 2012

Too much fun!

karen and i pulled an all nighter!
it was so much fun!!!
here's a sneak peak at all the goodness!!!
(*but of course it's not all of it, since, well- the press kit FINAL pics will come up later when we're all done*-- amazingly, we're still not done! haha, but almost there! ^____^)

first we hand silk screened all the boxes for the press kit- they're suitcases!!!

we then added little 3-d elements! <3

here's a bunch of them. i was carrying them around for fun!

a little close up in day light

that night we had the all nighter we also created little candy packaging/ jars.
we were imagining how one day when we have a store we can have all different colored candy and flavors for each character! how cute would that be?! each character could also have their own colored gingham packaging!
i love!!! this was the most fun!
especially with the SUPER CUTE candy scooper in the shape of a carrot!!!
this is our little pyramid of candy!
this is NOT in the press kit,
but it's oh-so-cute!
a hand crocheted heart pillow.
more designs to come, but i couldn't help myself but share this beautifully hand crafted item!
here's a little view of it next to karen's popcorn maker for scale

my weekend ended with lots of button pin making.
i don't know why, but i love making these things!
it just feels great because the satisfaction is so immediate!!!

it was quite a long weekend filled with work
but i can't help myself (i don't think karen can either)
it's so much fun working on something you care about so much!

we'll be a vendor at the national stationary show next month.
it's held at the javits center.
i hope that it'll be a successful show and it will give us the opportunity to work on this everyday.


nothing would make me happier right now then that.

<3 <3 <3

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 27, 2012

where did spring go?

it's cold in nyc.
damn! i miss the warmth.

but soon, my heart will be filled with warmth because i'm going to karen's house after work!
we're going to spend all night making the press kits!!!
*pictures to come!*

till then, i found a craft project for myself when spring comes back..
where will i wear this to?
i have NO idea..
but i think it's so pretty... :)


happy friday guys!


beautiful instillations made by cornelia konrads

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

speaking of plexi

i love plexi.
i loved it in college...
(at parsons- foundation year- 3D was my favorite class, and plexi was the best!)
and i love it now...

when i found out that karen and i could use plexi as a material for some new items we're developing my heart filled with joy!!!

even though all of our products are in development now,
i still did a little research on etsy because i just wanted a glimpse of what our final product would look like.
i came across a couple of beautiful small plexi items.
*fingers crossed our stuff looks just as cute!*

pretty black sheep - bbbbaaahhhhh :]

cute hot pink bear necklace! i want!!!

clear bear earrings.. only if my ears were pierced!

beautiful ornamental birds

i love!!!!

can't wait to see TWINKO PLEXI ITEMS!

F U N !

congratulations twinko!

dear karen,

max lim + the three stooges

i am officially back in nyc.
florida was awesome and my brother's wedding was beautiful :)
*pictures to come*

as i start settling back into my regular routine,
i can't help but miss max, my brother's dog.

he was in a doggie hotel, and i guess the stress put his stomach out of whack
because when we picked him up he was not feeling so great.
he stayed with my parents while my brother and his wife
went on their honeymoon.

i felt awful for him- but i hear he is doing much better.
i would LOVE to have a pup,
but it's just too much responsibility, and i'd feel so bad leaving him by himself during the day in a small cramped apt... 

here's some of his
"i'm too exhausted from being sick"

but as much as i miss maxi now,
i'm glad to be home with my fishes- the three stooges.

it was a non-stop twinko weekend as usual-
even with a wedding going on, nothing can stop me from thinking about
the next steps for karen and me.
we have a lot of stuff going on and i can't wait to share!!!

hint hint: wood + plexi


Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

Back in Florida

I just got back to my childhood home and I'm excited to see all the changes my parents made in just the 1 month I was here last.

First thing I notice is my mom's garden. It's so beautiful! That plus the warm weather is already a great sign this trip is going to be awesome!

Tonight=rehearsal dinner!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

new products, then even more new products!

karen and i have been working non-stop for these last couple of weeks...
(both at work and on twinko)

there's a lot of new things coming out for twinko
and soon we'll be doing another trade show at the javits center!

everything is moving so fast,
it gets overwhelming,
but then at the same time it's so exciting!

so that's probably why my posts have been so minimal lately.

but soon- VERY soon..
like next couple of days soon, you'll be seeing a new website.
filled with more product than we've ever had before!

in a month, EVEN MORE products!!!

it's all very exciting!!!
but i'm happy to say that i'll be flying to florida at the crack of dawn.

it's finally here, and i'm so excited!!!!

*(last night i even went to bliss spa at Whotel's 49th + lex 
for a manicure..something i never get done!
believe it or not i worked in that hotel all throughout college:
it's been forever since i've been back.. it was so surreal.
i bought a pretty pink zippo- ^___^
this is all another story.. so anyway!!!)*

my dress is almost done being altered.
just gotta finish it up tonight!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a little sweet, a little sour

we finally got it!

handmade twinko candy!!!

*it's passion fruit flavored*
it's super yummy!
a little sour at first, then very sweet! 

look! it's toby!!!

when i got to the store i was amazed at how many there were! The box was so heavy- a good workout ;P

i opened one to try of course :)

karen + i = happiest girls in the world


Monday, April 16, 2012

beautiful little spaces

the weather is changing, and i have to admit..
i want a little change in my apartment too...

it's taken a long time to get it where it is now,
and i'm not going to lie,
i love my small humble abode...
but maybe it needs a little somethin' somethin'...

i found these really fun and romantic images...
don't think i can go necessarily in THIS direction,
but maybe some good ideas will come from here :)

maybe it's the lighting, but this feels so cozy but airy all at the same time. i also love the clocks on the wall, and the tiny paintings. hmmm, tiny paintings :]

this reminds me of the princess and the pea, haha
i love the vintage lace fabric on the ceiling-
all the prints are too overwhelming for real life, but i think i need to invest in some color and patterns.

this is SO girly, but i love how simple and bright it is. i want that elephant pillow and
the little tree on the dresser (to the right)

<3 green walls <3
reminds me of when i used to live in astoria.
i don't think i have the patience or time to paint my walls... AGAIN...
but i love the bookshelf.
we shall see!!!

<3 <3 <3
now all i have to do is find the time!