Monday, April 16, 2012

beautiful little spaces

the weather is changing, and i have to admit..
i want a little change in my apartment too...

it's taken a long time to get it where it is now,
and i'm not going to lie,
i love my small humble abode...
but maybe it needs a little somethin' somethin'...

i found these really fun and romantic images...
don't think i can go necessarily in THIS direction,
but maybe some good ideas will come from here :)

maybe it's the lighting, but this feels so cozy but airy all at the same time. i also love the clocks on the wall, and the tiny paintings. hmmm, tiny paintings :]

this reminds me of the princess and the pea, haha
i love the vintage lace fabric on the ceiling-
all the prints are too overwhelming for real life, but i think i need to invest in some color and patterns.

this is SO girly, but i love how simple and bright it is. i want that elephant pillow and
the little tree on the dresser (to the right)

<3 green walls <3
reminds me of when i used to live in astoria.
i don't think i have the patience or time to paint my walls... AGAIN...
but i love the bookshelf.
we shall see!!!

<3 <3 <3
now all i have to do is find the time! 

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