Tuesday, November 20, 2012

w o r d s

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

rainy day in nyc

it's super rainy lately,
but i guess looking back around this time it's always rainy in new york.
honestly, i love it.
i can wear flats and stay indoors all day without feeling guilty.

some of fav nyc rainy day images:

october is my favorite.


happy tuesday!

Friday, October 5, 2012

and doodle #2

after my first little green dress sketch,
i was inspired to do another one.

i tend to wear black pants with everything.
i have more black pants then any other pant color.
i rarely ever wear black otherwise.

so here it is, another little sketch:

so i do have those shoes, and that bag, but that cardigan is made up. haha
i design sweaters all day, so i can't help but imagine having a better one than i have now, damn it! ;)
the top is similar to a little silk one i have.
i also rarely wear outfits with my arms showing- so the cardigan is a must.
i love the pretty little purple flowers and marigold ground.
we're doing a print similar at work-- now wish i could just snap my fingers and have it perfectly in my size, just as my little sketch. :)
how awesome would that beeee!

of course instagram makes everything better!
you can follow me (which is also the same account i use to post twinko pics)

and of course there's my little camera!
i have this Brownie in real life.
i should use it more.
i've clicked it a couple of times, but still have the same roll of film in there.
i guess i'm just scared to mess it all up by taking the film out.
guess i gotta put that on my list of things to do!!!
it'll be great though- once that b&w film is outta there,
color is next! 

lately i've been thinking about what my "talent" is.
sometimes, you just want to feel good at something-
and of course, i'm not the best artist or illustrator or designer in the world,
but i do have a lot of fun doing these quick sketches.

hopefully i'll keep it up!
anything fun and relaxing it worth doing if it makes you happy.

<3 great way to wind down from a long day <3

*if you didn't know, i use ink and watercolor, with a little bit of brush markers*

happy friday everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

green dress

so i made this green dress a couple of weeks ago.
yes, a green dress.
i normally don't wear color, but i had the fabric
(thank you kathy zimmer)
and i had no money
(yet again)
so i decided to make something really quick.

unfortunately, this green dress and my very very incredibly short stature makes me look like an elf.
ok, ok, i'm being crazy..
but really, i'm not used to wearing a bold color- especially on so much of my body, that i feel self conscious in it.

i decided i wanted to a little embroidery to break up the color.

as i was doodling some ideas,
i just started making my whole outfit in a sketch.

this is what i came up with:

so the green is more of a true kelly (maybe actually darker than kelly) type of green- but i obviously mixed te colors poorly before painting ;P- then i added a little flower embroidery.
maybe a little stitch at the neck and hem, and voila!

it's officially fall now, so it's either a cardigan or a dress shirt.
i went with cream dress shirt-
it's a little silk thing i got a long time ago.
my little black bag..
and these sheer black stockings.
they're from good ol' H&M..
the FANTASTIC part about them is that they hold up by themselves on your legs.
i hate feeling so uncomfortable and held in by regular stockings.
it doesn't let me eat, let alone breathe,
but these just stay nicely up without any discomfort--I get a new pair every year, because the silicon band wears out over washes.Then my little bow loafers.

well, not really, now i have to embroider the bugger.
i'll do it though ;)
then show you!

<3 happy wednesday <3

my favs

my favorite images of the day...

Friday, September 28, 2012

don't let the sunshine spoil your rain

(though this particular art is perfect for today- it's also good words to live by..)

h a p p y F R I D A Y w o r  l d !

saved for a rainy day

Thursday, September 27, 2012

thank you universe

i don't think i've had a really amazing inspiring day in a really long time.
i have to say, i've been feeling quite glum and unmotivated lately.

maybe it's a little being overworked
a little bit wanting something new,
and definitely craving some change.

but finally.
it happened-
a REALLY exceptional day.

new projects ahead!
life is moving forward once again!

...and of course...
a nod to the good fortune...
(though nothing has really happened yet-
it's always good to be positive + THANKFUL for ever bit of happiness that comes our way!)

some art.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

ink me

so we saw tattly tattoos
at the NYIGF,
and they were SO MUCH FUN!

Also, our fav, wee gallery
also has wonderful bold animal temp tattoos:

is twinko inspired?
heck yes!!!


*hopefully they're just as fun as tattly and wee gallery's*
they will be... ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


i love line drawings-
all you need is a handy sharpie.
these by stephanie kubo are so much fun..
and rightfully named, 

early sketchbook ideas:
i love looking inside other people's sketchbooks!


i love this one!!!

"head dress"
<3 fonts <3