Tuesday, October 2, 2012

green dress

so i made this green dress a couple of weeks ago.
yes, a green dress.
i normally don't wear color, but i had the fabric
(thank you kathy zimmer)
and i had no money
(yet again)
so i decided to make something really quick.

unfortunately, this green dress and my very very incredibly short stature makes me look like an elf.
ok, ok, i'm being crazy..
but really, i'm not used to wearing a bold color- especially on so much of my body, that i feel self conscious in it.

i decided i wanted to a little embroidery to break up the color.

as i was doodling some ideas,
i just started making my whole outfit in a sketch.

this is what i came up with:

so the green is more of a true kelly (maybe actually darker than kelly) type of green- but i obviously mixed te colors poorly before painting ;P- then i added a little flower embroidery.
maybe a little stitch at the neck and hem, and voila!

it's officially fall now, so it's either a cardigan or a dress shirt.
i went with cream dress shirt-
it's a little silk thing i got a long time ago.
my little black bag..
and these sheer black stockings.
they're from good ol' H&M..
the FANTASTIC part about them is that they hold up by themselves on your legs.
i hate feeling so uncomfortable and held in by regular stockings.
it doesn't let me eat, let alone breathe,
but these just stay nicely up without any discomfort--I get a new pair every year, because the silicon band wears out over washes.Then my little bow loafers.

well, not really, now i have to embroider the bugger.
i'll do it though ;)
then show you!

<3 happy wednesday <3

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