Friday, August 31, 2012

magnetic comic strip

i've seen this before, and i swear i've posted it on facebook, 
but now i'm so happy to write about them here, 
yes, MU was one of our neighbors at the NYIGF.

they have these guys below, which i know you'll love.
well, if you're friends with me, then you def love!

so much fun!
it makes me wish i had a huge metal wall so i could create!

*note: these photos are from their website-- i gotta buy some soon so i can create my own and post my own little comic!!!*

are the characters not the cutest!!!

and look, speech bubbles!!!!

pretty tidy box for gifting!

they're based out of NYC!

they're our neighbors in real life too!

and the sweetest couple!
we were lucky to by their side throughout those 4 days.
what a great product! love!
<3 <3 <3

Thursday, August 30, 2012


but when it does, you'll have to get yourself one of these guys...

i have the elephant (of course)
but there are A TON of different anamalz to choose from!

designed in australia, these guys all have a little barcode on their feet (all their limbs move!)
and you can input it into their website to play!
each one is handmade too!
all the fabric is super soft, and the bendable legs are little pieces of rope.
i love my elephant!!!

karen got a dinosaur..rarrrr!

and no, it does not stop there...
check it:

you can only get the toucan on that little leaf on the left if you buy the treehouse ;)
i asked.. of course...

here are some more pics i found on the internet google image search:

so fun!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the miracle bag

is a canadian based company, 
and also one of our amazing neighbors at the NYIGF.
Catherine, who developed the bags is AMAZING.
every bag is so thoughtful and smart!

and would you believe it... it's A DIAPER BAG!
i know, i know, that's what i said!

so cool!!!!

you gotta see her videos- you have to see all the features! 
it will blow your mind!

her lunch bag was also featured on

and check ONE MORE video out:

<3 <3 <3
wonderful meeting you catherine!
we'll cherish our lunch bag forever! and every show we'll bring our lunch in it with happy memories..
and knowing that packing our lunch will save us a gazzilion dollars- buying every day is just not do-able at a convention center! ;)
thank you a million times over!
<3 <3 <3

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


karen and i learned fast that tradeshows (like NYIGF) can ONLY be done happily with good neighbors.
this time, we had AMAZING neighbors.
i want to feature each one through out the week. 

first stop is WEE GALLERY
ok, now i know i love this, and i love that, but WOW I LOVE WEE GALLERY!
not only are they based out of a small area in central florida where i grew up ;)
but they are also the most AMAZING people in the world!
seriously, so sweet and generous.
these are the kind of people you meet that inspire you and make you want to be better.
i'll never forget all their kindness. i hope i show that level of kindness to others.

ok, ok, enough mushiness!
on to the STUFF!!!

so if you go their site, you'll read the whole beautiful story, see all the amazing pics, and you'll immediately be swept away by Surya's art.
surya, her husband dave, and their two children all contribute to wee gallery's success--
all the whimsical animals and scenery will touch your hearts.
i want to cover all my walls!

so, you can't take the photos from their site, so i'll let you discover on your own, but here are some things i got from them..
i didn't get much, so i URGE you to check their stuff out.. SO GOOD!

$5 for a set of 12 (assorted packs)

i love the little lion.. he makes me smile REAL big :D

32 pages filled with the cute little fox with his accessories! all you need to do is dress him! let your imagination go wild!
considering my background, this is DEF something i had to have!

limited edition nesting dolls made in russia. this was the first thing i knew i needed to have! beautiful <3

beautiful stamp sets!
i'm pretty sure i'm going to use this A LOT..
be prepared world! if you get snail mail from me this is what you'll see!

<3 <3 <3

thank you Surya + Dave for everything.
we love you forever
and can't wait to see you again soon!

<3 <3 <3

Monday, August 27, 2012

all in the details

to a successful NYIGF 2012!

It was wonderful, and even more so because of all our neighboring booths.
we couldn't be happier with all the great feedback, orders, and people we met this past week.
honestly, it's so exhausting- i think every time anyone does a show they deserve a week's vacation! haha.
seriously though- super demanding, physically and emotionally, but all-in-all i can NOT WAIT for the next one!

we have some big things in the works, but for now i think we're enjoying every thing we got out of this show.

here are some pics of our booth that we pretty much made all ourselves!!!

check it!

we cut a little hole for our extension cord. worked out perfect for a little house :)

john and karen drawing away!

the contact paper was perfect! we basically took small sheets of foam core and stuck them together using black contact paper. it was so easy and the chalk worked perfectly on it!


THAT'S RIGHT! they glow in the dark. we <3!

crochet <3

this was made for valentines day, but hey! you can be a heart breaker all year 'round i say!

our little tourist tee with a city scape background

it's party time!!! for special events, weddings, new years parties, he/she will be dolled up to perfection!

bibs bibs bibs

look at those drawstring backpacks!!! <3 NEW!

i couldn't reach so karen took over and i took pics!

merry christmas!

almost done!

lookin' good!

the space is smaller than it appears

we didn't make this wooden table, but it was handmade! perfect in our teeny booth to hold all of our wood + plexi items

we put this up at the end of every night

some instagram pics :)

a little monster going into the our teeny house! fun!

another instagram pic

our friend vincent made this little collage for us!
hard at work!
special special thanks to john and vincent for coming out so early in the morning and helping us set up. friends can make magic happen! we're so lucky!!! it was so intensely hard, and taking down was hard as well, but so worth it! we're blessed!

a photo we also got from one of our neighbors (who we will talk more of tomorrow)

Friday, August 24, 2012

a year and a half later

a year and a half ago i promised my friend a painting.
it took me so long that it ended up being a birthday/christmas/housewarming gift.
i probably won't commit to a painting (unless the person tells me what they want) for a very long time haha.
it was especially hard because she's so dear to me that i wanted it to be just
so basically i tried a million different things until finally i ended up with this.
and i'm so happy to see it up in her room <3

<3 <3 <3

i painting this on the floor because it was 4 canvases.. gotta make sure they line up! :)

anemone: brings luck and protects against evil


next layer

almost done!!!


finale! hanging right on top of the stuffed pizza all of us got her for her birthday last year.
<3 <3 <3

no matter how busy you get, if you really want to, you always make time.

love you A, sorry it took so long :)


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i want a puppy

i'm def not ready...  but maybe one day :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

wood and plexi dreams come true

for the first time ever,
i introduce you to a sneak peak of our wood and plexi items
that will be available online soon!

these guys will be transformed into a wooden magnet set!

these are the beginnings of the oki and doki bookends

colored plexi key chains!


the backs all have twinko engraved!

it's a puzzle................

no! they're STAMPS! ;)

we accidently got another set of keychains, but in wood.. it was a happy mistake! they're so cute!

yay! what a happy day! :D