Tuesday, August 28, 2012


karen and i learned fast that tradeshows (like NYIGF) can ONLY be done happily with good neighbors.
this time, we had AMAZING neighbors.
i want to feature each one through out the week. 

first stop is WEE GALLERY
ok, now i know i love this, and i love that, but WOW I LOVE WEE GALLERY!
not only are they based out of a small area in central florida where i grew up ;)
but they are also the most AMAZING people in the world!
seriously, so sweet and generous.
these are the kind of people you meet that inspire you and make you want to be better.
i'll never forget all their kindness. i hope i show that level of kindness to others.

ok, ok, enough mushiness!
on to the STUFF!!!

so if you go their site, you'll read the whole beautiful story, see all the amazing pics, and you'll immediately be swept away by Surya's art.
surya, her husband dave, and their two children all contribute to wee gallery's success--
all the whimsical animals and scenery will touch your hearts.
i want to cover all my walls!

so, you can't take the photos from their site, so i'll let you discover on your own, but here are some things i got from them..
i didn't get much, so i URGE you to check their stuff out.. SO GOOD!

$5 for a set of 12 (assorted packs)

i love the little lion.. he makes me smile REAL big :D

32 pages filled with the cute little fox with his accessories! all you need to do is dress him! let your imagination go wild!
considering my background, this is DEF something i had to have!

limited edition nesting dolls made in russia. this was the first thing i knew i needed to have! beautiful <3

beautiful stamp sets!
i'm pretty sure i'm going to use this A LOT..
be prepared world! if you get snail mail from me this is what you'll see!

<3 <3 <3

thank you Surya + Dave for everything.
we love you forever
and can't wait to see you again soon!

<3 <3 <3

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  1. Annie, thank you! You guys are so awesome, we are so happy to have gotten to know you and your fun and graphic work. You are going to be famous before you know it!!! Now I want to see that dress-up book decorated by you...