Monday, August 27, 2012

all in the details

to a successful NYIGF 2012!

It was wonderful, and even more so because of all our neighboring booths.
we couldn't be happier with all the great feedback, orders, and people we met this past week.
honestly, it's so exhausting- i think every time anyone does a show they deserve a week's vacation! haha.
seriously though- super demanding, physically and emotionally, but all-in-all i can NOT WAIT for the next one!

we have some big things in the works, but for now i think we're enjoying every thing we got out of this show.

here are some pics of our booth that we pretty much made all ourselves!!!

check it!

we cut a little hole for our extension cord. worked out perfect for a little house :)

john and karen drawing away!

the contact paper was perfect! we basically took small sheets of foam core and stuck them together using black contact paper. it was so easy and the chalk worked perfectly on it!


THAT'S RIGHT! they glow in the dark. we <3!

crochet <3

this was made for valentines day, but hey! you can be a heart breaker all year 'round i say!

our little tourist tee with a city scape background

it's party time!!! for special events, weddings, new years parties, he/she will be dolled up to perfection!

bibs bibs bibs

look at those drawstring backpacks!!! <3 NEW!

i couldn't reach so karen took over and i took pics!

merry christmas!

almost done!

lookin' good!

the space is smaller than it appears

we didn't make this wooden table, but it was handmade! perfect in our teeny booth to hold all of our wood + plexi items

we put this up at the end of every night

some instagram pics :)

a little monster going into the our teeny house! fun!

another instagram pic

our friend vincent made this little collage for us!
hard at work!
special special thanks to john and vincent for coming out so early in the morning and helping us set up. friends can make magic happen! we're so lucky!!! it was so intensely hard, and taking down was hard as well, but so worth it! we're blessed!

a photo we also got from one of our neighbors (who we will talk more of tomorrow)

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