Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tis the season...

to be jolly...
and to spread holiday cheer in the office...
hey, whatever gets you through the day, right?

So last year, my friend Amy and I letter pressed these cards
(the trees were drawn by my friends Amy, Baron, and myself)
I gave these out to everyone, but for the office I made little crocheted ornaments to hand out with them:

It was a PROJECT...

 I was exhausted at the end- letter pressing is fun, but can become a huge task!
so this year I went a little more simple:

At the office ( I work for a NYC designer in midtown ),
we got into the spirit of the holidays and decorated our own Christmas stockings...
It was actually a lot more fun than it sounds- I'll post a pic of mine soon :)
...but this is a great stocking stuffer!
Just a little design I printed out and mounted onto a fancy shmancy piece of paper;
add a little peppermint candy cane for flair.
I'm pretty satisfied.

Now, time to get ready for the crazy holiday sock party with my friends...
I'll explain tomorrow...

Monday, December 12, 2011


I've been meaning use a blog to act as an archive of all my projects,
big and small,
for a long time now.
happy to say it's finally happening!
It's impossible to figure out what's "blog worthy" and what not, but what-the-hey!
My first project was a quick and easy one-
And the inspiration was,
as sappy & sentimental as it seems,
all the soon-to-be mothers in my life.
Here's some cards I decided to create for them!

(wish I had time to letterpress these, yes, if you didn't know, I co-own a small proof press, but there just is no time!)

it's been truly a long time since i've made cards anything like this
so hooray for me for doing it so quickly!

*also, i'm not a graphic designer- went to school for fashion...but boy, do i love me some illustrator!*

I hope to post more of my projects soon
-old + new-
hopefully some fashion ones + inspirations along the way!

if you were curious:
RICH: my brother's
DAE: my dad
EUMMI (pronounced, you-me): my mom
but of course, it means many other things as well :)