Monday, December 12, 2011


I've been meaning use a blog to act as an archive of all my projects,
big and small,
for a long time now.
happy to say it's finally happening!
It's impossible to figure out what's "blog worthy" and what not, but what-the-hey!
My first project was a quick and easy one-
And the inspiration was,
as sappy & sentimental as it seems,
all the soon-to-be mothers in my life.
Here's some cards I decided to create for them!

(wish I had time to letterpress these, yes, if you didn't know, I co-own a small proof press, but there just is no time!)

it's been truly a long time since i've made cards anything like this
so hooray for me for doing it so quickly!

*also, i'm not a graphic designer- went to school for fashion...but boy, do i love me some illustrator!*

I hope to post more of my projects soon
-old + new-
hopefully some fashion ones + inspirations along the way!

if you were curious:
RICH: my brother's
DAE: my dad
EUMMI (pronounced, you-me): my mom
but of course, it means many other things as well :)

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