Thursday, June 28, 2012


i really can't say much else.
click the link above and watch the magic begin.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

off to boerum hill we go

saturday in new york city was
it was wonderful.
even more wonderful because karen and i took out some time to deliver some
brooklyn twinko orders!

so, one of the stores we went to was:

my name is in it, so i'm obviously already a big fan!

Ann Lopatin
(who i met at NSS- she's incredibly kind and without any question has great taste ;P)
created the store to be an "urban general store" that would carry all sorts of different goods that are fun and functional. 
And undoubtably, there is something for everyone here.
karen and i fell into a nostalgic state while looking through all the toys and candies,

and then we were taken back by the really cool and neat finds!

there was so much there that i couldn't resist the HUGE FREAKIN' SMILE on my face,
when i thought about Ann Lopatin displaying the Twinko items around her store.
We'll have to go back and check that out :)

she officially has our I LOVE BK onesies as well as some other items.
<3 <3 <3


happy tuesday <3 everyone!

a beautiful cure

oh dear, i've been sick. again.
these last few days i haven't been well and couldn't really do do anything but watch tv
(ok, so it didn't suck that bad since i LOVE tv.. but u know...being sick is still sucky)

i finally am up today, but feeling a little down from not doing any work in these last handful of days
i was browsing for something to get me motivated for the rest of the week.

THEN i found it.
Ukrainian artist, Tatyana Kartasheva

She combines all my favorite things..
watercolor, prints + patterns, and fairy-tale-esque illustrations:

here ya go, you can thank me later ;)