Sunday, June 17, 2012

a girls gotta dream

i can sometimes be a dreamer...
day dream about silly things,
and dream big about potential future possibilities.

i don't think karen and i have ever worked so furiously with so much dedication and passion.
it's been a rough couple of months.
we've been burnt out, burnt, and just out of our minds with so many things.
work, twinko, life.

personally, just lately, i've been having trouble getting myself "into it"..
i've been looking for a pick-me-up all over the city.
i've taken many walks...
probably procrastinated more than i should've this weekend.

but finally i sat down and got to it!!!
and now, i
i'm ready.
and now i can keep on dreaming big.
because those big dreams are def going to be a reality. soon. i can feel it in my bones! :)

during one of those walks i took this weekend,
i checked out a store that's for rent.
a friend of mine gave me the heads up, and of course i had to check it out.
can i say, it was almost TOO perfect.
and though it may not happen right away,
looking keeps me positive and excited for what the future may bring.

i came home and made this:

follow me on pinterest!

karen, previously, also made this:

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but i couldn't help myself.
i had to go bananas with it!

if you didn't know it before...
NOW you know:
twinko's shop page has a
"like" and "pin it"

please, feel free to go bananas with it :)

happy monday everyone!

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