Thursday, August 9, 2012

wood and plexi dreams come true

for the first time ever,
i introduce you to a sneak peak of our wood and plexi items
that will be available online soon!

these guys will be transformed into a wooden magnet set!

these are the beginnings of the oki and doki bookends

colored plexi key chains!


the backs all have twinko engraved!

it's a puzzle................

no! they're STAMPS! ;)

we accidently got another set of keychains, but in wood.. it was a happy mistake! they're so cute!

yay! what a happy day! :D


  1. plexi keychains are so so cute!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, these look amazing!!! You are so talented. I want to have a child just to dress them in Twinko.

  3. thanks guys! <3 miss you both!!!!!!! hopefully next time i see you guys i'll have one of these for ya! :)