Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the miracle bag

is a canadian based company, 
and also one of our amazing neighbors at the NYIGF.
Catherine, who developed the bags is AMAZING.
every bag is so thoughtful and smart!

and would you believe it... it's A DIAPER BAG!
i know, i know, that's what i said!

so cool!!!!

you gotta see her videos- you have to see all the features! 
it will blow your mind!

her lunch bag was also featured on

and check ONE MORE video out:

<3 <3 <3
wonderful meeting you catherine!
we'll cherish our lunch bag forever! and every show we'll bring our lunch in it with happy memories..
and knowing that packing our lunch will save us a gazzilion dollars- buying every day is just not do-able at a convention center! ;)
thank you a million times over!
<3 <3 <3

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