Friday, October 5, 2012

and doodle #2

after my first little green dress sketch,
i was inspired to do another one.

i tend to wear black pants with everything.
i have more black pants then any other pant color.
i rarely ever wear black otherwise.

so here it is, another little sketch:

so i do have those shoes, and that bag, but that cardigan is made up. haha
i design sweaters all day, so i can't help but imagine having a better one than i have now, damn it! ;)
the top is similar to a little silk one i have.
i also rarely wear outfits with my arms showing- so the cardigan is a must.
i love the pretty little purple flowers and marigold ground.
we're doing a print similar at work-- now wish i could just snap my fingers and have it perfectly in my size, just as my little sketch. :)
how awesome would that beeee!

of course instagram makes everything better!
you can follow me (which is also the same account i use to post twinko pics)

and of course there's my little camera!
i have this Brownie in real life.
i should use it more.
i've clicked it a couple of times, but still have the same roll of film in there.
i guess i'm just scared to mess it all up by taking the film out.
guess i gotta put that on my list of things to do!!!
it'll be great though- once that b&w film is outta there,
color is next! 

lately i've been thinking about what my "talent" is.
sometimes, you just want to feel good at something-
and of course, i'm not the best artist or illustrator or designer in the world,
but i do have a lot of fun doing these quick sketches.

hopefully i'll keep it up!
anything fun and relaxing it worth doing if it makes you happy.

<3 great way to wind down from a long day <3

*if you didn't know, i use ink and watercolor, with a little bit of brush markers*

happy friday everyone!!!

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