Sunday, April 8, 2012

dekalb market

yesterday i had the best day going to the dekalb market with my friends
i've been wanting to go for a while now, but as life is, i got caught up with other things.
then i got a call from Derek + Jen.
inside you'll find a huge range of locally made and organic products
including twinko!

we met them last year at renegade craft show.
they were our vendor neighbors selling products from their company

they're the sweetest and the coolest people we've met through our adventures at craft fairs and markets selling twinko. 
they've been so supportive and encouraging since we've met them.
so when they told us they were selling at the dekalb market,
karen and i didn't hesitate and decided to go!

they were selling their handmade soaps, candles, body balms, and lip balms
*that smell and feel INCREDIBLE btw*

while we were there we saw some great stuff.
probably should've taken more photos, but what can i say?
it's very easy to get distracted in an outdoor market like was a great day!

terrariums + a reflection on the window of brooklyn

oversized elephant necklace.
elephants are my favorite animal ya know :)

more elephants :) these guys are handmade out of felt and have little bells on them

hot air balloon necklaces by virginie millefiori

pinwheel rings by virginie millefiori
they really spin!!!
she was the sweetest, and i love how whimsical and fun everything she had was

then, my favorite part of outdoor markets:
F O O D !
filipino chicken skewer with garlic rice
*i love the wooden spoon*

pink slush samples!
pomegranate flavor

we couldn't deny ourselves of buying one after trying the sample-
so refreshing on a sunny day!

a beautiful nyc day would not be complete without some live music!

 now, SOAP TIME!

pretty packaging that lets you smell each one <3 <3 <3
they smell amazing!!!!

candles, body balm, lip balm

i smelled every single one. man! wish i could buy all of them!

happy easter it was indeed!

gotta remember to take more pictures of these beautiful spring outings!

<3 hope everyone had a wonderful easter weekend <3

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