Thursday, April 19, 2012

new products, then even more new products!

karen and i have been working non-stop for these last couple of weeks...
(both at work and on twinko)

there's a lot of new things coming out for twinko
and soon we'll be doing another trade show at the javits center!

everything is moving so fast,
it gets overwhelming,
but then at the same time it's so exciting!

so that's probably why my posts have been so minimal lately.

but soon- VERY soon..
like next couple of days soon, you'll be seeing a new website.
filled with more product than we've ever had before!

in a month, EVEN MORE products!!!

it's all very exciting!!!
but i'm happy to say that i'll be flying to florida at the crack of dawn.

it's finally here, and i'm so excited!!!!

*(last night i even went to bliss spa at Whotel's 49th + lex 
for a manicure..something i never get done!
believe it or not i worked in that hotel all throughout college:
it's been forever since i've been back.. it was so surreal.
i bought a pretty pink zippo- ^___^
this is all another story.. so anyway!!!)*

my dress is almost done being altered.
just gotta finish it up tonight!


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