Wednesday, April 25, 2012

speaking of plexi

i love plexi.
i loved it in college...
(at parsons- foundation year- 3D was my favorite class, and plexi was the best!)
and i love it now...

when i found out that karen and i could use plexi as a material for some new items we're developing my heart filled with joy!!!

even though all of our products are in development now,
i still did a little research on etsy because i just wanted a glimpse of what our final product would look like.
i came across a couple of beautiful small plexi items.
*fingers crossed our stuff looks just as cute!*

pretty black sheep - bbbbaaahhhhh :]

cute hot pink bear necklace! i want!!!

clear bear earrings.. only if my ears were pierced!

beautiful ornamental birds

i love!!!!

can't wait to see TWINKO PLEXI ITEMS!

F U N !

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