Tuesday, April 3, 2012

lots of new

twinko has been gowing through a lot of changes lately,
and karen and i have been working day and night to make these changes happen.

we've basically been on a mission to introduce some new items and spruce up some old ones.

in some of my older posts you can see karen and i working on developing lots of packaging and paper products.
(*soon we'll have even more items made out of more than just paper!*)

here's a peak at some of the awesome things we've been doing!

final coloring book packaging- includes twinko crayons, stickers, and coloring book pages where the frame is apart of the artwork so it's ready to hang anywhere!

our tees are now going to be in this cute little box.
on the tee on the front of the box, there will a little sticker with an image of what's inside!
i love how special this box feels.
on the side of it there's a place to put who your gift is too.

our 7 days a week box!it's now a perfect little suitcase!
lots of fun carrying this guy around karen's apartment.

a new hangtag for our bigger items.
hand stamped by us of course.
we're  hoping to make them in all different colors!

i know that i've shown this little guy before.
we want to use it as packaging for our larger gift sets.
the ones i showed before though didn't have a plastic window on it, and this one now does!
here's a pretty back view too!

so things are coming along!
i'm happy to say we're doing our best, and soon these pretty little things will be 100% done and ready to put up online!

* can't wait! *

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  1. these are so beautiful and precious! I can tell a lot of thought and personal touches went into each item - so proud of you annie and can't wait to see them all!