Sunday, April 29, 2012

Too much fun!

karen and i pulled an all nighter!
it was so much fun!!!
here's a sneak peak at all the goodness!!!
(*but of course it's not all of it, since, well- the press kit FINAL pics will come up later when we're all done*-- amazingly, we're still not done! haha, but almost there! ^____^)

first we hand silk screened all the boxes for the press kit- they're suitcases!!!

we then added little 3-d elements! <3

here's a bunch of them. i was carrying them around for fun!

a little close up in day light

that night we had the all nighter we also created little candy packaging/ jars.
we were imagining how one day when we have a store we can have all different colored candy and flavors for each character! how cute would that be?! each character could also have their own colored gingham packaging!
i love!!! this was the most fun!
especially with the SUPER CUTE candy scooper in the shape of a carrot!!!
this is our little pyramid of candy!
this is NOT in the press kit,
but it's oh-so-cute!
a hand crocheted heart pillow.
more designs to come, but i couldn't help myself but share this beautifully hand crafted item!
here's a little view of it next to karen's popcorn maker for scale

my weekend ended with lots of button pin making.
i don't know why, but i love making these things!
it just feels great because the satisfaction is so immediate!!!

it was quite a long weekend filled with work
but i can't help myself (i don't think karen can either)
it's so much fun working on something you care about so much!

we'll be a vendor at the national stationary show next month.
it's held at the javits center.
i hope that it'll be a successful show and it will give us the opportunity to work on this everyday.


nothing would make me happier right now then that.

<3 <3 <3

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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