Tuesday, April 3, 2012

canvas pop package has arrived!

so a while while back i entered a contest on apartment therapy
*wow, almost every week i reference their blog- i can't hide it when i love something*

unexpectedly, mainly because i never win anything, 

it honestly didn't hit me that i won anything until today
when i received my canvas pop package!!!

it arrived at my office in the afternoon:

i wasn't expecting them to come today, 
so i carried them over to brooklyn with me where i ate the most 
food at brooklyn star with my dearest friends.

amy was in town visiting from LA,
and since we're all so busy, 
having a sit down dinner with all of us just seemed like a beautiful dream,
we ate like there was no tomorrow!

after i was completely stuffed,
i excitedly went home, and
V O I L A !

i don't know if i like the wall that it's on right now
and my room is such a mess i can't even take a good picture of it-
but once i figure it out and my apartment is tidy i'll take another picture.

hopefully in some day light- man it's so yellow!

these were the two pics i chose of my parents
(pre-kids of course)

i'm so happy with the way they came out.

right now they're on the opposite wall that has these pictures of my family:

aren't they the sweetest? :)
i love being surrounded by them- they always remind me of the "bigger picture" in life
i'm lucky to have such a strong and wonderfully caring family.

i'll see you soon fam fam-

*my brother's wedding= 2 weeks!!!*


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