Wednesday, April 25, 2012

max lim + the three stooges

i am officially back in nyc.
florida was awesome and my brother's wedding was beautiful :)
*pictures to come*

as i start settling back into my regular routine,
i can't help but miss max, my brother's dog.

he was in a doggie hotel, and i guess the stress put his stomach out of whack
because when we picked him up he was not feeling so great.
he stayed with my parents while my brother and his wife
went on their honeymoon.

i felt awful for him- but i hear he is doing much better.
i would LOVE to have a pup,
but it's just too much responsibility, and i'd feel so bad leaving him by himself during the day in a small cramped apt... 

here's some of his
"i'm too exhausted from being sick"

but as much as i miss maxi now,
i'm glad to be home with my fishes- the three stooges.

it was a non-stop twinko weekend as usual-
even with a wedding going on, nothing can stop me from thinking about
the next steps for karen and me.
we have a lot of stuff going on and i can't wait to share!!!

hint hint: wood + plexi


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