Tuesday, May 1, 2012

two jobs, too little time...

working on twinko and having a full time job = sleepiness to the millionth power.

not that we're the only ones in the world that feel this way,
but sometimes you have to say it out loud...
"karen and i really really work our asses off..."
*(not that you dont of course :))*
but damn... ;)

we've been going on so little sleep lately.
i came home from screen printing last night with ink all over me.
usually we're not so messy, but last night we left screen printing to the end and we just got so sleepy, that keeping the ink off of ourselves was just not happening.

we can't wait for the day where 15 hour days get trimmed down a little.
work at the office, then non-stop twinko is just a bit painful.

i have to say though the boost comes when
someone from your past (lets just say 10 years ago)
messages you and says that he thinks your stuff would look great in his friend's store!
let me tell you- when that connection is made,
and that support is there,
nothing motivates me more.
it truly made my hard day at work a distant memory as i headed over to karen's to work on our press kit. even if it turns out to be nothing, the fact that there are people around you, looking out for you like that, it's just such a great feeling!!!
(*thank you a million times over j.w.*)

here's some pics from the night:

the magical papers inside! each page is an activity page (even the cover!)
each page is also a nod to each character with a paper craft to match.
it's pretty amazing *hair toss* ;P
Char gave us the inspiration, and we thought of the "newspaper-look"

we're very proud.
hand silk screened/ hand made suitcase box
filled with twinko candy, activity book supplies, and activity book
(supplies include 2 twinko pencils!)
and of course, a cd with photos of our products and the final paper craft items you can create with the activity book!

getting a bit closer...


then the screen printing begins! this is one of our new ones-
it's pretty big compared to what we're used to doing..
i can't tell you what it's for yet...
maybe tomorrow.. :)

wallie! isn't he the cutest?!!
especially in that ruby red color.
he's a kung fu master you know! :)

here's for scale.
there's rice ball! one of twinko's little pup helpers!

wallie and toby- oversized and lookin' sharp!
one of our new bibs:
the "1-2-3 cheese" design has always been on tees,
but now you can have it as a bib!
perfect for any future photographer!

times get a bit tough..
and there are def days that are better than others...
but i'm happy that i get to work on something i love so much every day.
it's an amazing goal and dream to work towards,
and i have a feeling, even if karen and i get to quit our day jobs,
we'll still be setting bigger and bigger goals for ourselves and twinko.
it's just not fun without a challenge!

we're very proud to be apart of this creative and positive experience.
<3 <3 <3
thanks for all your support everyone!

*fingers crossed that our dreams will come true!*

to our future!
cheers- happy wednesday everyone!!!


  1. Annie - your work is GREAT! I'm def browsing the website since I'll be having a little one soon and your stuff is ADORABLE!!!

  2. You two are the MOST hard working people! You deserve the BIGGEST success!! xoxo

  3. You are truly inspiring, congratulations girls!!!! I can relate to the energy involved in maintaining 2 jobs and it's damn hard!!! But your hard work will give you the results you always dreamed of. Keep it up and keep inspiring others around you. I love your branding and press pack, your products....everything! Congrats and good luck!!!