Tuesday, May 29, 2012

what a cute box

at NSS there were a bunch of buyers that LOVED our packaging.
it was a great moment for us because we spent about a year trying to figure out what we were going to do. we already had the product, but we wanted to elevate it and make more "gift appropriate" by adding a special box.

finally, we landed on what you see today.

did you know that we actually cut and put together 
every single box?

haha, it is true!
soon, this may not be true since as a company gets busier and grows, things like this get hard to do.
but hopefully every once and a while we'll do a few here and there.

...trust me, doing hundreds of these is not fun! haha. no matter how in love you are with it. 

here's some pics!


cutting out the template.
i think we'll be getting it dye cut soon after this experience!
locally of course ;) 

assembly time

but gotta score all the edges to get there! 

this guy gets a size sticker and a sticker on top showing you what your tee looks like.

now seriously,
that's a freakin' cute box!


happy tuesday morning everyone!

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