Wednesday, May 23, 2012

if i had a little break diy

when i was in middle school, 
my favorite television channel was...
haha, no joke! my mom totally remembers my obsession with creating/crafting/building/sewing even back then!

i still crave to do little projects outside of twinko and fashion... it's just fun sometimes!

i guess that's why the diy section of pinterest is something i look at every day.

here are some cute things i found today

the smallest plants and planters EVAR! i really need new plants to replace my dying/dead ones on my windowsill.. maybe i can cut a few succulents to make these little guys.

ok, this guy requires some heavy machinery. but i can imagine doing this in other ways.... i really REALLY need something like this. my desk is always covered with business cards, post cards, bills, bills, and bills haha.

ohhh... martha!!! of course, just in time for father's day. what a cute and easy way to incorporate origami into a beautiful card.
i'm a sucker for a good card.. especially if...

there's paper and chevrons involved! beautiful!

what a great handmade card!

this needs no explanation <3 <3 <3

i can't seem to find where this guy is from- pinterest poster didn't specify- but wow. i love this. i have SO many old negatives i for some reason can't part with. this would be a nice way to use them. i should find the ones with my family. <3 :)

if i had some time i'd love to execute some of these things.
maybe next month ;)

if you didn't know, i have no time to do it this month because...


super success!!!
i can't say too much about everything, but lets just say things are looking up!
but now it's time to fulfill and process all the orders..... O_O
it's a daunting process to create everything in a short period of time..
it gives you anxiety like none-other.
but i'm so happy.

even though we can barely handle the amount of orders we got,
i still would've been insanely happy with more.
working on twinko is so hard. and it can be really stressful- mainly b/c we have invested so much of ourselves into it, but at the end of the day 
and when we accomplish something, it feels like A MILLION BUCKS!
what a crazy crazy month...
cheers to MANY MORE CRAZY months ahead!

go twinko!

happy WEDNESDAY everyone!

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