Monday, May 7, 2012

what's in that press kit anyway?

i realized that despite whatever photos i have posted of the press kit,
i have never shown exactly what's inside.

here's what you'll find!
we made an activity book that consist of 7 paper crafts.

page 1. newspaper themed informational cover with a page from our coloring book- you can color in each character and make them your own!

page 2. meet toby! here you can make post cards to send to your friends. the page comes with little "accessories" to dress up toby and customize his look.

page 3. wallie the kung fu master! here you can spin a small paper disk and watch wallie get into his kung fu gear. spin the disk and watch the image emerge. he'll be completely decked out with his signature sweat band and some nunchucks.

page 4. izzey the crab loves to cartwheel. we created an easy-to-make zoetrope!
the pencils and pin make it fun and simple. you can use the pencil for this "animated" craft item, as well to doodle your own zoetrope! 

here's a little video clip of izzey's animation:

page 5. nini loves to take photographs, and now you can make this fun and simple picture frame to share your photos with your friends.
looks, it's one of twinko's little helpers!!! what a cutie!

page 6. kory the elephant loves to doodle. this paper craft helps you create a pencil holder, so whenever you have the urge to doodle, she'll be around with you favorite pencil!
she can hold your rubber bands too! :)

page 7. the party penguins, the oki and doki twins! this animated paper craft creates a phenakistoscope.
spin it and watch okie and dokie play!

here's a little clip of their animation:

inside you'll also find some items to help you create your paper crafts, and some passion fruit twinko candy to enjoy while you create!

of course, we also have a beautifully written letter introducing ourselves to the recipient.
in this letter we mention all of our future plans and how excited we are for this new adventure!

we're really proud to send these out this week to everyone!

we worked so hard, and i hope it shows!

also, if it weren't from the support of all our friends and family, we would've never gotten this far. 
special thanks to all of you who inspire and motivate karen and i every day.

<3 <3 <3

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