Sunday, May 13, 2012

book binding - dyi - executed

i have never bounded books this way before,
but i thought it came out great!

we'll use these in our press kits,
and have a more "abbreviated" version for the trade show next weekend.

see the results below:

i had to print them front and back-
i actually started off with a mini version of the book so i knew which pages needed to be together, and what to print on the back of those pages.

of course, laying them out is the best way- otherwise it's too confusing when you have that many to make

i learned the hard way, but folding them before anything happens is key

then i poked 5 holes into the fold, evenly spread out to the best of my ability

then some embroidery thread keep them all together

a little knot

finally, the big thing i learned was to cut after everything was put together.
when you don't have many pages (i had a total of 5 letter size pages) this is the best way to make it look super clean and professional. when you're binding the pages, everything shifts slightly. it's really little, but when you cut the edges at the end it's SO perfect. i loved this part- super gratifying.

cutting board is useful of course!
all done! pretty in red :)

top view of the final catalog.

i eventually ran out of red embroidery thread- didn't really have time to run out and buy more, and it was too late at night by then anyway. so i used some green and tan twine i had.
it ended up working just as good!

it was a lot of fun doing this and listening to music believe it or not.
my fingers were sore and cramping at the end, but as my mom says,
no pain, no gain!

btw- i hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day!


what an inspiring and beautiful person she is.
i called her mother's day morning to say happy mother's day and she knew that i've been working day in and out on everything for next week's trade show.
she wasn't even concerned about mother's day.
all she said to me was
(it's a korean thing..)
she's my biggest fan, and i'm hers..
i'm so lucky to have such unyielding support from my parents.
i know i can't say everyone gets that from their parents, especially when the kid just wants to quit a good and stable job.
they are always so good to me, so patient, and so wise. 
man, i have so much to learn from them ;]
<3 <3 <3

next weekend is going to be AWESOME!
i can feel it in my bones!


happy monday everyone! 

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