Sunday, May 20, 2012

National Stationary Show + Twinko

day 1 at NSS:

our wall of onesies + tees!

they all didn't make it, but close! 

mama and papa onesies


i think karen and i felt all these emotions in a span of 3 hours haha

tote bags + astroturf

packaging <3

giveaway pins!

it's so satisfying hearing all the positive feedback--
it really motivates you to keep pushing forward.

after setting up the day before, karen and i both had lots of anxiety.
i think it just comes with doing these shows because of all the investment.
after our first order, all of that disappeared.
of course it's easy to say this now that the first day is over, but whatever happens, happens.
we're just happy we get the opportunity to do this.

afterwards, we both had to do some last minute things to prep for the upcoming weeks,
and of course the rest of the show.
as i walked through soho to sunrise mart for some giveaway candy,
the sun was setting and i had one of those moments
(i love when this happens)
where i realize how amazing new york city is-
how beautiful it looks,
and how eternally grateful i am for the struggles it presents me, but also the strength and opportunities it gives me to overcome the craziness + follow my dreams.
through it's sharp edges, hard concrete, and brick walls lies a beautiful sky.
(poetic ey? haha, ok super cheeze, but whatever!)

soho-- walking home

afterwards i decided to eat on my rooftop.
i sometimes get so caught up in working and life, that i forget i have this.
i mean, that's just awesome!!!
it was a really beautiful sunday evening.

japanese veggie tempura and curry <3

what a view

it was great to reflect for a minute before i started to do more stuff for today.

even though i think karen and i are both scrambling to get things in order for these next few days and for these new orders, i don't think we would want to do anything else.
the stress and anxiety can get crazy, but the rewarding feeling you get is just unbelievable. 

i just wish this was my everyday full time job.
universe, i hope you're listening :]

as mama lim says, one day at a time.


happy MONDAY everyone!

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