Wednesday, May 9, 2012

jam packed!

so this week has been a little more nuts than usual.
so my posts have been at odd times of the day, even though i normally try to post during breakfast and lunch.

my director at work (day job) went on maternity leave today, and twinko (life job) has a trade show next week!
it's just very hectic...
long hours at the office, long hours at karen's place...
but i'm sure we'll be rewarded soon for all the hard work!

at work i'm basically taking over my director's responsibilities while she's gone...
it makes the hours a longer, and with the trade show around the corner, karen and i need all the time we can get!

karen's taking a much needed vacation
(this was planned before we solidified the trade show of course)
this weekend, so we packed everything into these last couple of nights after work.
i do not recommend doing this.

but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

can't really show too many pics just yet, but here's a little look at what happens when we get an online tee order!

obviously, we get one of our twinko blank tees and hand silk screen the graphic first.
then we hand make this adorable gift box and pack the special tee inside.
then we close the box. here you can see a little cutout of a tee!

afterwards, we add a little sticker of the tee that's inside. it seals the box and also lets you know what to find!
on this special box you can personalize it by writing your name and who the special gift is to.
here are two of them now!
then we pack and ship them away!!!
how cute are these guys!?!

i can't lie.
karen and i are pretty burnt out right now.
4 years with two jobs and huge dreams doesn't make life the easiest,
but i think even though we feel a little tired now,
i know for sure we will feel accomplished when it's all said and done.

i sit here in my apartment, and though i know i'll have to wake up super early and head on to work...
i can't help but think how lucky i am that i have a job, and that i am working towards a big goal of being able to design things that make people smile.

every item our little hands make are filled with time, thought, and a lot of heart.
i hope it's seen through our products.

ok, that was super sappy. ;P

on a much lighter note...!!!

guess what these guys are?!?!

sneak peak at a 1st proto of our wooden magnets!!!
aren't they the cutest?! they look like little crackers!!!!
<3 <3 <3

good night world!

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