Thursday, May 31, 2012

i need, i want to be, give me more space

1. i need a vacation
2. i need more space (karen needs even more, even though she has a lot) so we can both stop sleeping next to our work
3. i need to win the lotto so i can get me one of these spaces...

or just hire jaimee to make it for me ;)

i can breathe! what an open space

love the stairs- ohhh, what it would be like to have a duplex in the city

you know i love me a good a hammock :)

a little nook just for meeeee

i'd prob bust my ass on those ladders, but i'd love to go all the way to the top see what's up there!

my little treehouse

cubby hole with lights- reminds me of college

seriously?!.. i need to go..!

nice.... sometimes i need to getaway for a bit...

happy thursday everyone!

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