Sunday, May 6, 2012

weekends are just too short

i wish the weekend was longer.
there's just never enough time, but i did have a great one non-the-less.

first, char and i went to the
on saturday

it was a great time, and despite the weather, hanging out in brooklyn was a nice fresh of breathe air from the hustle and bustle of downtown manhattan.

i should've taken photos of their set up since the space was so cute, 
but of course, i forgot 

Anyhow, one of the freebees was this gift tag that i love! it's so cute and so appropriate for the event.

then as we explored i found this adorable guy!
bahhh! sheep! so cute, and SO SO SO SOFT! what a fun pillow:
by windows of agate

there was also another vendor, my zoetrope,
(obviously, i am obsessed with the name....;P)
and i LOVED her illustrations and the quality of her items.
really fun and bright!

she even had temporary tattoos with her illustrations on them!!!
so fun!

last, but not least,
was the vendor that i bought something from.
i know, i know, it's not the time to be spending any money-
but i really have been looking for a flamingo light switch, and I FINALLY FOUND ONE!
i'm so happy with my little purchase!!!
i bought it from lovely day designs

here it is!

it's kitschy in my favorite way
tropical style!
i think i'll design some light switch covers now for twinko.
*thumbs up!*
sunday was super productive.
karen and i did what we could to manage all the business things for twinko
(basically, it's the stuff we don't like doing)

then after a wonderful dinner with my most amazing friends,
i made a nini stuffed pillow
(100% organic + screened with water based inks)

here she is chillaxin' with the rest of the gang!
i love her wave :)

our next pillow will be a bit of a challenge--
kory the elephant!
lets just hope we can get her the right size!

despite the fact that the weekend went by so fast,
i'm a happy camper.
got a lot done and had a blast doing it!
i'm lucky to have the most awesome people around me all the time.
<3 <3 <3

p.s. went to eat here for the millionth time for sunday night dinner-
it was amazing.
if you live in the city, and i haven't brought you there yet, you should def go!!!
get number "123" :)

happy monday everyone!

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