Wednesday, March 14, 2012

f l o r i d a bound: t r o p i c a l tote bag

annnnnndddd i'm off! 

well, actually, not just yet- right now i'm writing this post,
but by the time i actually post this online i'll be heading out to the beautiful sunshine state!

a while while while while while back
i got some canvas fabric and painted this little guy below:

nothing too crazy- just felt like i needed a pick me up because it was so cold in nyc
(now it's beautiful btw- always beautiful when i'm about to go to florida, then when i get back to nyc, it's the coldest day of the year ;P)

i got a lot of these paints from my friend
xavier hernandez
(yes, we call each other by our full names :))
who gave them to me before he moved to korea
<3 hope you're doing well!! the paints are being used lots! <3

last night i just went a little sewing crazy and couldn't stare at this piece of painted fabric in the corner of my room anymore!
(many of you who come by the apt have seen it i'm sure)

so i finally made it into a little tote bag!!!
i can use this during the day as we roam around florida

it's not too big
(big bags usually encourage me to carry more than i need then have sore shoulders later)
and the straps are long so i can just grab stuff inside without too much fuss since it's narrow.

 is it the most beautiful painting of my life?
def not, but it does the trick!
i'm happy with the results:

and now i don't feel like buying:

tropical print shopper bag

stella mccartney
hawaiian-print canvas shopper

haha.. ok,
i kind of still wouldn't mind having one of those if i could.
i'm human. 

have a wonderful day everyone!
wish me a safe flight!!!!