Monday, March 12, 2012

armory 2012

saturday was so beautiful in nyc
it was the perfect day to go to
the armory show
here are some photos from the day

i say this a lot when i'm looking at art- especially at a place as massive as the armory.
i'm always attracted to the neon lights- this was a good one :)


if you look close they're all open magazines and newspapers

in this picture they look small, but really these were pretty big!!!
oink oink

pencil on black ground

neon masks

monir farmanfarmaian
hexagon, 2011
mirror and reverse glass painting on plaster and wood
39.5 x 39.5 x 5

someone at work called me a fish today because i love all things shiny.
this was one of my favorite pieces at the armory
sparkle sparkle

miniature letters

miniature paintings- don't these oil paintings look like photos?
they're actually the size of photos! look at that text!

creepy weird

chuck close

holy exacto knife

one of my favorite pieces- so detailed! they were huge drawings all done in pencil.
the top right photo is just a small corner of one of his larger drawings.
it's so intense when you look close up because of all the detail.
i seriously didn't believe that it was pencil when i first saw them:
artist: rick smits



it was a really great saturday.
at the end of the day, we did it right and ate some korean food for dinner.

nothing beats great weather, great friends, and lots and lots of visual stimulation

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