Monday, March 5, 2012

it may be late, but i feel GREAT

today and yesterday has been filled with

i never had allergies until last year,
and i have to say,
they are as bad as everyone says they are!

so i basically didn't have time to browse the internet,
or do any projects,
let alone post anything alllllll day.


today, was a twinko working day
(after our day jobs of course)
and no matter how sick or gross
we can NOT skip out
(well, not because we can't, but because we don't want to)

even though i'm tired from work,
tired from my allergy meds,
and just plain tired from EVERYTHING

i feel GREAT,
and i think karen does too!

we worked and fulfilled 
one wholesale order,
and one online order...

here's the handcrafted craziness right here:

twinkoland color-me-in lunch bags
recycled canvas
customize with fun colors using color fast fabric markers

polo tee right after we screen printed it:
this is BEFORE it's heat pressed and has a label sewn into it
this is with the label sewn on and it heat pressed ready to go!
our crazy labels!
this is our ORIGINAL label (which is only found in a few places)
we call it "vintage twinko" because this was the first label we ever made...
you can tell by toby's eyes..
it's not flowers anymore, but i still love the creepy cuteness
(i would...)

at one point i had to take a break and make these guys...

they're for the grand opening of the store this order will be sent to.
it's a little card promoting twinko, and a free pin
<3 just a little love <3

2 burp cloths come with each bib set;
i surge the edges, karen screen prints them
t e a m   w o r k !
each one is made out of organic cotton interlock

i'm happy to say they ordered our signature tees!
how cute is toby in that bright blue!

i thought i'd offer a little "behind the scenes" photos.
here's one of our screens-
yup! we hand silk screen every one of the items we sell!
-- we actually even hand paint all the "touch ups" along the way --
gotta make each one as beautiful as possible!

we recently started making our very own blanks.
we don't buy blanks anymore from a different vendor-
these are all designed by us!
this is our onesie...
so tiny!

of course, we couldn't let a package go out without a hand written note to the store
on their grand opening night!
they're such a lovely couple and i'm so happy that we get to be apart of their store
-hopefully we'll have a store of our own soon
and get lots of grand opening love-

online order-- it was a special gift so we put a cute little tag on it!
the little "ditsy bag" is an organic mesh bag the bib and burp cloth set comes in
we try our best to add a little pin at the top as a free gift :)

rice ball
aka "twinko's little helper"
passing out while karen and i are running around
our 7 days a week set!
ok, ok, so this is not the final packaging, but it worked for now.
we actually ran into a few hiccups trying to figure it all out, but we still love the final product.
we kind of just went with our best option because of time,
but hopefully we'll have something even more PERFECT soon.

~the front~
mason jars- everything in and on this sucker is made in the u.s.a.
*cutting each label out and adding the bit of tack tape to each label isn't fun,
but oh so gratifying at the end

the back has a little label so you can easily see what bibs are available inside
my favorite is "grumpy day"
we love reusable packaging!
and of course
can't end this post without a little inspiration...

karen got me this:

O N E   D A Y
hopefully soon
twinko will have it's own!!!

but for now- this is more than enough...

thanks karen for a wonderful night!!!

a labor of love,
can't wait for the day to come when this is all we do...

soon enough though! i'm sure of it!

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