Wednesday, March 14, 2012

d i y: denim shirt

so i didn't stop at the top-
lots of things were made.
i leave thursday really early in the morning
and though i could use my mum's sewing machine--
well, who wants to sew on vacation?! ;P

so, i did some small alterations to make some clothes fit better--
i'm so short, so it's more like making things shorter.

then, i took some REALLY OLD clothes and did a mini transformation to them.

this is my (very first) diy post:
denim shirt
i'm wearing mine with a silk black slip in the photo.
something with a sheen to offset all the worn-in-ness of the top
a little girly against the collared shirt helps too.
i'll probably wear some shorts with it in florida--
maybe even untied and open with a loose tank
ok- lets be real, 
there's nothing to it but cutting off the sleeves at an angle and sewing it clean at the armhole
but if it's "oversized" enough then it'll be long enough for you to tie at the front
which looks cuter i think on something sleeveless...:)

there's some fullness where it ties, but i personally like that.
i also like how worn in and old mine looks- but a new denim shirt will do just fine.
i think the main thing is to just get something soft and thin-
if you get denim that's too stiff and thick it'll be easier to see all the mistakes,
especially in fit.

you can obviously cut yours to an appropriate shape so it isn't as full at the waist.
it would probably look something like:
just make sure to not cut too much at first,
pin it,
try it on,
then go for the final cut and sew
 i'm pretty happy with my little creation.

getting closer to being ready for some fun in the sun!

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