Wednesday, March 21, 2012

i'm still lovin' it

i still am obsessed with pinterest

lately my friends and i have been using it to keep a log of costumes and props
for a short film we're all of apart of called

i'm so lucky to be constantly surrounded by amazing and creative people;
is definitely one of those people,
he is EVERYTHING behind this short film-
and i feel so fortunate that he's letting me be apart of such a personal and exciting film.
(when you click on patrick's website, the first music video listed- first column, second row- i made the slip and dress :) )

i'll be handling the wardrobe and act as the stylist on this short film!
how fun is that?!
AND, my dearest friend charmaine is the art director! 
as well as other friends involved in front of and behind the camera--
i'm in project heaven!

so we film soon, but pinterest has made it so easy to see all our wardrobe and prop ideas in one spot-
it's great because it gives a chance for people interested in the film to see what we're looking at and at our creative process.

this is undoubtably going to be one kick ass project!!!

thumbs up to 2012 and all the fun projects ahead!

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