Wednesday, February 22, 2012


i realized that though i started this blog to log all my projects,
i haven't done that yet.

i think i've just become overwhelmed with all my old projects that i've been wanting to put on here...
finally, i picked one!

it's from 11-11-11
my very amazing, inspiring, talented, creative, and closest friend,
-her birthday gift-

i haven't made her something since we were freshmen in college,
so i decided to grab some silk, super super thin fabric markers
and draw away...

of course, our initials "cc + al 11-11-11" is incorporated into the artwork

to be honest, if i could do it again, i would have used paint.
you can't really see it in these photos, but i filled in each section with thin lines
so nothing is completely solid- i should try to get some close up pics :)

took me FOREVER-
but for char- i'd do it a million times over again!

i definitely want to make another one
possibly with a darker ground, and using paint.

over president's day i went to
b l i c k
and bought some fabric paint that is made to be applied on dark fabrics
---hopefully it'll be used very soon---

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