Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dana Tanamachi, the incredible chalk letterer

so my brother's wedding is coming up
and he, being the awesome designer he is,
designed his invitations

sorry, had to blurrr out some info- for all those crazies out there! ;)

his dark grounds against the beautiful crisp white font reminded me of

she is this amazing graphic artist and custom chalk letterer
and seriously- there's no other word for her but

the naturally dark grounds of the chalk boards with the bright white chalk,
the choice of fonts and the general layout
reminded me of my brother's invites

the best part of her website is being able to see the time lapse videos
holy moly.
i am in love.

(i love that hotel- there's even an opening ceremony!)

here's also some of her recent work:

on her twitter page there are pics of her with oprah!

this is nyc! i have been to this store! wish i could've been there to see the chalkboard in person

this was featured in Style Me Pretty not too long ago
[this is pretty much one of my favorite blogs in the world]
[it's filled with my most beautiful images- all happy of course!]
and i DID think to myself, how awesome would this be at my brother's wedding!
this was all before of course knowing who she was
wow, is she living the dream or what?!
really beautiful work.

she must have great arms! ;P

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