Monday, February 20, 2012

binder shelf + clothes reference library

somehow at the office i have been "chosen" to design a wall
for easy access to a million binders we have that are currently by our desks.
we access these binders
(oh dear)
this area also has to store a lot of
vintage clothes,
bought samples,
swatches etc...

i'm not too bummed that i'm doing this to be honest,
cause i'm short.
and it's probably better that i figure out where all this stuff goes.

Soon, the search turned from the ideal office library,
to ideas for
my dream closet.... ;)
(if you're anything like me, and read a LOT of blogs, you'll most likely recognize some of these spaces)

ahh- i'm far from figuring out what we're going to do-
but can't wait to get it going-- we are in desperate need of the organization

construction = next week

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