Saturday, February 11, 2012

v a l e n t i n e s d a y r e s e a r c h

my search for something to create for everyone at the office...

so of course i googled
"valentines day classroom ideas"

saw this, and thought, "so easy! and so inexpensive!"

then, i saw this!
unfortunately, this idea would take more time, but just so cute!
miniatures ones with a little bit of candy inside would be perfect!
maybe i can alter the graphic and construction of it to be a easier project......

i don't think i would bring 20 of these into my bldg
but thought it was really cute.

and if one day i have little munchkins,
and infinite amount of time,
i would be one of "those" moms that do this:

i also came across this little guy:

miniature and heart everything! i love!

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