Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kathy Zimmer, Kimmy's visit, ANOTHER twinko order!!! woot!

Kathy Zimmer was my guitar teacher a long time ago-
she is such a wonderful and beautiful person
that even though i stopped taking lessons
(because i had no money and no time-- not because she's not an amazing and fun teacher- believe me, she's so wonderful!)

i continue to work with her on a lot of projects--
She's a singer/ songwriter
(check out her website to the rightt- link is there :))
i took this photo a long time ago and made that floral dress she's wearing
she's so much fun!
everything from CD covers, music videos, clothes for her shows...
name it, and i've been fortunate to be able to participate somehow

This is just something silly I made for her-
it was only a 20 minute project,
but i think all her loving fans will enjoy it non-the-less

I've also had the fun opportunity to make these too:
(p.s. i am no director or film person at all- this was all done with my mediocre skills on imovie ;P)
-in other words, it's all in good fun so don't judge too hard; it's easy to see my heart's in it for KZ :)-


i'm so happy to say that while i was making the KZ invite video,
the lovely kim was with me the whole way through
(kim's fav quote on facebook: "I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite. - Buddy the Elf"
and if you know me, you know that THATS enough for me to love her forever)

we worked on a very special project for her apt today after the video that i will share soon...
i've been lucky enough to make this beautiful girl's wedding dress
and ties for the groomsmen at her wedding...
one day very very soon i hope to post up those pics

ok.. a little sneak peak... ;)
<3 <3  <3

all finalized just a minute ago---
we are so happy---
one step closer to opening up a store!!!

p.s. we're in the midst of making HANDMADE packaging for our products:
i almost uploaded a picture, but no---
i can't...
soon though, very very soon :]


  1. Hi there! Kathy is my cousin...she is really great, isn't she? I loved the animation you made for her, it was fun to watch! I hope you don't mind if I follow your looks cool!