Wednesday, February 29, 2012

it seems like every day...

karen (my twinko business partner) and i
talk about what are the steps we need to take to
"do what we love"
for a living.

a lot of my posts are written with a little bit of envy
for those who get to kind of
live the dream

i know one day karen and i will make it there...
we have nights like tonight when we meet up
not to necessarily work on anything specific for twinko
but end up doing something anyway because we get so inspired.

in march
we'll be in a great store in PA
(more on those details later)
but they wrote us that wholesale order on the
post last week...

this order includes our new 7 days a week bib set
coming soon to the website!

it'll be shipped in some pretty packaging...

and today
...on a whim...
...after our regular "day jobs"...
we created this for the packaging labels

this.. or at least a version of this
will be the packaging for the container
the bib set will come in

soon enough
we'll share with you the final product

things get crazy sometimes
and work just doesn't seem that fantastic when you have
bigger dreams
but nights like these make it all a little better

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