Thursday, March 22, 2012

st pattys day key west bachelorette party + my little green peplum tank

this was not my first bachelorette in key west,
but this definitely confirms that key west is an AWESOME place to have your bachelorette.

i love it there- the weather, the people, the atmosphere, the bars, and the beauty of the little city
what i'd do for a little house there.

and to top it all off- we spent st. patrick's day there.
now that's a site to see

first thing's first, 
you gotta drive far south (took us about 4 hours) and then take a ferry for 3 hours!
*trust me- it's worth it*

7:00 am- and we're off!!!

the back of the ferry- fun!
wish we saw some dolphins!

3 hours later, hello key west!

getting settled into our presidential suite!
view from our room
another one :)
1 of the three huge rooms!

of course...
haha so cute :)


def a must!

which means, this is a must! ;)

then some bars-- sloppy joe's played live music-
that's the bachelorette!
my soon-to-be-sister is one awesome brother did good ;P
it was amazing- the band was just unbelievable!
we didn't want it to end!

rise and shine!

it's st. patrick's day!!!

at one point it was literally a sea of green!

found this in some random store- of course, i took a pic :)

the rest of the trip- well let's just say we can't share everything from a bachelorette ;)
but the next night we made our way back to ft. meyers and had a blast there-
this is us leaving sunday morning.
look at that beautiful breeze!

when i got back home to my parents house:



monday evening- back home.
i love florida, but i def missed ny like crazy!

here's my little top i made for st. patrick's day!!!

i have no color in my closet-
thank goodness for kathy zimmer's fabrics

yup! this was created from one of them!!!
i was happy and perfectly green with my little cropped peplum tank!

<3 <3 <3

hope everyone had a great st. patrick's day weekend!!!

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