Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Les adieux a la reine

i went to the angelika film center on saturday afternoon and watched a film called

it was beautiful. 

not much more to say than that.
i did leave the theatre in a little bit of a mood, but completely inspired too.
the costumes were ahhhh-mazing.

i'm so happy i saw it.

and can i tell ya, diane kruger was so amazingly breathe taking as marie antoinette.
i'm a fan...,as well as a little jealous seeing as how she's with the leading actor in one of my favorite televisions shows ;) they both attended the kusama dinner
(the night before the opening that i attended- damn! only if they were there at the opening instead, i'd be grinning from ear to ear for at least the rest of the year!)

wish i could find better photos- but this is what the internet has to offer.
just go watch it ;)

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